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New in version 1.5: The number_format filter was added in Twig 1.5

The number_format filter formats numbers. It is a wrapper around PHP's number_format function:

{{ 200.35|number_format }}

You can control the number of decimal places, decimal point, and thousands separator using the additional arguments:

{{ 9800.333|number_format(2, '.', ',') }}

If no formatting options are provided then Twig will use the default formatting options of:

  • 0 decimal places.
  • . as the decimal point.
  • , as the thousands separator.

These defaults can be easily changed through the core extension:

$twig = new Twig_Environment($loader);
$twig->getExtension('core')->setNumberFormat(3, '.', ',');

The defaults set for number_format can be over-ridden upon each call using the additional parameters.


  • decimal: The number of decimal points to display
  • decimal_point: The character(s) to use for the decimal point
  • thousand_sep: The character(s) to use for the thousands separator
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